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Friday, March 27, 2009

FInding immigration record from Ireland to Australia

Faye asked
I have tried for years to find out how my husbands grandmother came to Australia from Ireland. I have her birth certificate, her in the 1901 Irish census BUT not in the 1911 cencus. I have her only childs (that we are aware of) birth certificate born in Sydney Australia. With this all I cannot find the ship, the dates, etc. where she travelled from and to. The info I have is as follows.

Jane O'Dea born November 1881 Baunmore, Kilkee, Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland. Father, Thomas O'Dea, mother Bridget, nee Bourke. Jane was 4th of 8 children. Jane was also known as Jennie or nana Jean to my hubby. She was informant at her fathers death in 1898 and was in the 1901 census with her mother and siblings. She was not in the 1911 cencus that I could find. She gave birth to my mother in law, Veronica May on 14th January 1915 at Crown St Womens Hospital Sydney, NSW Australia. Jane registered Veronicas birth and stated she was married to "William Sanders Hart", b. Canada in 1870's and a general labourer in New Zealand in 1906. No one can find the marriage but can find a "William Sanders Hart" marrying someone else in New Zealand in 1906. [rest of email edited for brevity]

Olive Tree Answer: Dear Faye, thank you so much for providing me with details and a very nicely compiled, easy to understand email outling what you know about Jane, where you've looked and what you want to find. The only reason I edited your email was for space here on AskOliveTree blog, but everything you sent was relevant and welcomed.

I am afraid I have not had much luck either but I did find one tiny item that may or may not be helpful. There is a Miss Jane O'Dea listed as arriving on the ship OMRAH on 30 April 1904 on the Index to Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923 on the Public Record Office Victoria website. It might be worth sending for the full passenger list to see what other information is provided.

Best of luck!

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