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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Finding a Native American Ancestor

Mildred asked:
I am doing my family tree and as I understand it there is Indian blood in the family. How do you tell on a census report if the person is of Indian descent. I have been told most people back in the 1800’s most Indians did not admit they were of Indian descent.

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Mildred, In order to prove native heritage or descent, you must find a record that indicates native ancestry or origins. If you have found your family in all available census records and nothing indicates native ancestry then you either accept that as truth, or you look elsewhere.

If your family lore includes a tribal name, you may be able to check Tribal Rolls to see if your family can be found.

If you only have a vague "We have Indian blood" as your family lore, then another possible option might be to have your DNA tested. DNA DNA testing has a special offer on right now, so it is a very reasonable cost to order a DNA kit

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