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Monday, January 12, 2009

Looking for Annetje Bradt's Death Date

Linda wrote: Is there any source for Annteje Barents Bradt's death? I've seen 1661 listed with mention made of a pall purchased on Feb. 13th year, but not who the purchaser was.

MY ANSWER: Linda - I'm glad you asked this question! So many researchers just accept unsourced records they find online or in a book, so it's really great to see you checking your facts. Have you looked at the online Bradt Family Descendants of Albert Andriessen de Noorman aka Bradt?

One reference to Annetje's pall is in Deacons Account, 1652-1674: 1st Dutch Reformed Church of Beverwyck-Albany New York (Historical Series of the Reformed Church in America) (available from translated and edited by Janny Venema
"Receipts of the deaconry in February [1661] 13 received 9 boards for the pall from/of Annetgen in the Molenkil (f9)" The Footnote states "Annejte Barents; she was the wife of Albert Andreisz Bratt. See ERA III:161 for the agreement regarding the settlement of her estate"

See New York Genealogical & Biographical Record standard source abbreviations if you are not familiar with the abbreviation ERA.

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