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Monday, January 26, 2009

Using Google and Online Family Trees

Bill asked on Jan 15, 2009
I have traced my namesake to Moses Sarg b.1820 Berks Co. PA He married a Sarah Hasler date unknown. His parents were Jacob Sarg and Catherine ?. I do not have any additional info on them. Moses moved to Pickaway Co. OH abt 1850 and then to Wells Co. IN where he is buried. I have searched for years trying to find more on his parents and his grandparents. I would greatly appreciate ANY help you could give me. Where to search and anything else.

Olive Tree answers: Hi Bill, This is a time when using Google and looking for others searching the same family comes in handy. In general I don't think online family trees are the best research tool unless the researcher is willing to write to the submitter of the tree and ask for sources. You may want to have a quick look at I Found My Great Great Grandfather Online -- Now What!!??? (Verifying Records Found On Webpages)

A quick search of Google turned up a note from another researcher on an Message Board for Pennsylvania Dutch:
Catharine Bernhar[d]t born 4 May 1792 married Jacob Sarg. Catharine is buried in Dunkel's Church Cemetery

Another search of Google for Dunkel's Church Cemetery records online brought up Jacob and catharine's cemetery transcription
SARG. Catharine 5-4-1792 9-19-1867
SARG. Jacob 9-7-1795 5-26-1852

This should be enough for you to make contact with some of the other descendants of the SARG family tree.

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  1. Jacob Sarg is the first of our family tree. We do not show Moses as a son of Jacob however he may be one of 6 or 7 children. contact me at