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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where can I find the ship Samuel Badger?

Sandy wrote: I am looking for passenger list for the ship Samuel Badger - from port of Havre to port of New York. Arrived in New York port on Dec 1853. I've looked high and low and for some reason this ship isn't on any of the typical ship websites.

MY ANSWER: Hi Sandy. I went to and searched their New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 database for "Samuel Badger" in 1853. It didn't come up so... knowing that names are often MISindexed... I tried other variations of the spelling.

The ship you want is misindexed, and listed under "Samuel Radger" arriving Dec. 5, 1853. There may be other arrivals, I didn't check to see if there were. When searching for something like this missing ship, you can always browse's list of ships by year. Just click on the arrival port, then the year of arrival, then the month and have a peek to see if there is a ship with a similar name. Items are often mis-transcribed or mis-indexed or mis-spelled.

You might also find this site helpful for New York ships passenger lists

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