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Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding an Ancestor's Death

Marilyn asked
I am trying to locate the death record for my great aunt. Anne Maria Levy was born September 7, 1877 in Eganville, Ontario, Canada – daughter of Edward Levy and Bridget Sheridan. Her family moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada around 1900 and I have baptismal records for two of her sister’s children where she is mentioned as a sponsor – these records are in 1904 and 1905. Her mother died in 1909 and she is not listed as a survivor, I don’t know if this is a misprint or if she died between 1905 and 1909. She had a sister Margaret Levy who married a Charles O’Neil and they moved to Lowell, Massachusetts in the U.S. and in Margaret’s obituary she is not mentioned either. I know a lot of family members have been missed in obituaries so I can’t be sure that she died in the time frame I mentioned. I have checked Manitoba, Ontario, and Massachusetts death records for as far as they go and have found nothing. Would you have any suggestions??

Olive Tree Answer: Hello Marilyn. I agree that not finding Anne in the obituaries is not absolute proof that she wasn't alive. She may have married and/or been estranged from the family.

Have you looked for Anne or her family in the 1906 census for Manitoba? There is some glitch in the search engine specifically for this census and no matter what one searches under, you get zero results. Searching in the generic search engine on the Ancestry Home Page for Ann* Lev* (using wildcards) in Manitoba, you get 14 hits for the 1906 census but when I click to see the list, I get "Your Search for Ann* Lev* returned no matches". So perhaps by the time you read this post the search will be back up and running. 1916 census is also available.

Re finding her death, have you read the Ancestor Death Record Finder for suggestions and ideas of places to find a death record?

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