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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Finding an English Birth Record in Bishop's Transcripts or other Records

Vesta asked
My ancestor Frederick George Rumble Olley was born in Norwich, Norfolk, England abt 1829. I found him on the 1841 census, 12 yrs old living with his parents Edward Olley and Sarah Rumble who were married in Mar 1830 in Norwich. A copy of his parent's marriage certificate reveals that neither of them were married before. He worked for the railroad for 55 years which I had checked for personnel records for possible birth information to no avail.. There is no copy of his birth record in the Norfolk parish records. He died Mar 19, 1912 age 83, claiming he was a native of Norwich (according to his obit). He was married twice and both marriage certificates just have his father's name on it, no mother's name. As he gets older, the names "George Rumble" are added on official documents eg. censuses, marriage and death certificates. My question is there any way I can find an birthdate for this fellow?

Hello Vesta, An intriguing puzzle! I am curious about your comment that ....There is no copy of his birth record in the Norfolk parish records... It sounds from that statement that you have checked every single set of church records for the entire county of Norfolk. If that is the case, you may wish to check the Parish Chest records.

A quick look at the FamilySearch catalogue shows over 2 dozen sets of records from the Parish Chests. Have you also checked the Bishop's Transcripts?

If you have not checked every single set of church records for all of Norfolk, then I suggest you look at parishes which are near Norwich. It may be that your Frederick was born in another parish and baptised there, but moved as an infant to Norwich. If that were the case he would probably always say that he was born in Norwich.

As for his obit, don't forget that it was probably written by a family member after his death and not by him beforehand. So they would only write what they think is correct. And family members can be very wrong! My husband's grandfather's obit, written by his daughter, gave the incorrect husband for her sister! Just something for you to think about....

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