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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finding an American WW2 Soldier - What We've Found So Far

To recap what teamwork has found out about Stanley Thompson (see Help Find a WW2 American Soldier ) there have been many responses!

Many generous and helpful genealogists have been sleuthing and here's what we have all come up with so far:

Death Record for Stanley Thompson found by Larry of Hesch History Blog: Stanley age 50, son of Douglas Thompson & Leota Sheridan, wife Mabel Chambers died Seattle Washington 12 May 1946

Obituary for Stanley found by Barbara Cummings in May 14, 1946 issue of The Seattle Times, p. 26: Stanley, 50 years old living 4138 Midvale Ave. He was born in Ohio and lived in Seattle for 20 years. He was a window display artist and a member of Ballard Lodge # 827 Elks, and Retail Clerks Union #1404. Left a widow Mabel, a daugter Mrs Jeanne Zetterlund, his mother Mrs. Leota Thompson (Jeanne and Leota living Long Beach California) and 2 brothers Frank T Thompson of Long Beach and Darrell T. Thompson of Lancaster Ohio

1900 Census Nelsonville Village, Athens Ohio found by Lorine: Stanley born May 1896 Ohio with his mother Letoa born Feb 1877 Ohio and father Douglas born Oct 1874 Ohio

1910 Census Fairfield Ohio found by Lorine: Douglas and Leota M. married 13 years with 3 children: Stanley P, 13, Darryl W, 8 and Frank W 6

1930 Census Long Beach Los Angeles California found by Lorine: Douglas 54, born Ohio owner of Grocery Store, wife Leota M, 53 and brother Charles H. Thompson 63

Military record found by an anonymous reader:
Thompson, Stanley P.
1st Lt., 321 Squadron (Bombs Away)
Home of record in 1944:
205 W Lee St.
Seattle, Washington

Jack Coffee had previously indicated that the serial number indicated that Stanley was an officer. The military record provides an address of 205 W. Lee St and Jill read the Dog Tag address as “205 W__RE St” So we can see that it can be read as W. LEE

So we have confirmation of several facts – Stanley whose dog tag was found, had the middle initial “P”, he was born in Ohio in 1896 to Douglas and Leota, he married Mabel Chambers and had one daughter Jeanne. Since Jeanne was married by 1946 (per Stanley’s obituary), we might assume she was born at least by 1930. She may or may not show up in the 1930 census, but we should be able to find Stanley and Mabel!

I think we can find more – what happened to Stanley’s daughter Jeanne? Did she have children? Does Stanley have grandchildren who might like to know that Grandpa’s dog tags have been found?

Sam found a marriage certificate for a Stanley P. Thompson and Mabel M. Reynolds in Seattle Washington in April 1936 but no ages or parents’ names are provided. Is this Soldier Stanley’s second wife?

I’d like to find Stanley in 1920 and 1930 census records but so far all I’ve come up with is a Stanley Thompson born Ohio circa 1896 also married to a woman named Mabel. This Stanley had sons Judson born ca 1914, Warren 1916, Howard 1918, Ford 1922 and Dick 1925. This family lived in Pleasant Hill, Miami Ohio in 1920 and 1930 but Stanley the soldier’s 1946 obit states he lived in Seattle Washington for 20 years (since 1926).

It seems our Soldier Stanley and this Stanley are two different individuals and in fact an online family tree shows this individual as Stanley Mike Thompson married to Mable Mae Engle. I just want everyone who is joining in on the search for Soldier Stanley to know that this family exists.

And so the quest continues! Everyone has done an amazing job, without this kind of teamwork we'd be struggling!


  1. Part of the mystery of the wife of Stanley the soldier is solved - remember the death certificate of Stanley in 1946 said his wife was Mabel Chambers? Remember the marriage record for Stanley marrying Mabel M. Reynolds in 1936?

    I think the confusion is solved. I found Mabel M. Reynolds in Seattle Washington in 1930 with her mother Jennie CHAMBERS. However we now have another mystery on our hands with a grandson (son of Mabel) which I will post in full detail tomorrow!

    And of course another mystery with the married daughter in 1946. She cannot be the daughter of Mabel Chambers Reynolds, but more on that tomorrow.

  2. Your always there to lend a helping hand so wanted to send you some sunshine. Stop on over at Barbwire and Roses to pick up the sunshine.