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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Using Alternate Sources to Find Parents of an Ancestor

Jon's Question (edited):
My 3rd. great grandparents were Wesley H. Van Ausdeln; born 1815 in Goshen, Belmont County, Ohio and died in Van Buren County, Iowa; and Mary Bishop, born in December 1815 in Warrenton, Fauquier County, Virginia and died in 1853 in Iowa. Wesley and Mary were married on March 16, 1838 in Goshen by Asa Hoge.

They had 5 children. Their 3rd. child was John Luke Van Ausdeln, my 2ed. great grandfather. John Luke was born March 1, 1843 in Belmont County, Ohio. John Luke was in the 30th. Iowa, 'D' Co. Infantry Volunteers during the Civil War. My 3rd. gteat grandmother, Mary Bishop Van Ausdeln died in 1853, I subspect giving birth to their 5th. child Mary.

After Mary died in 1853, Wesley married Lydia Ann Sawville. Lydia was born in 1830 in Ohio. Wesley and Lydid had 6 children between 1854 and 1872.
This is all I have on Wesley Van Ausdeln, Mary Bishop Van Ausdeln, and Lydia Ann Sawville Van Ausdeln.

My 13 year brick wall is, who were Wesley's parents? I have tried everything I can think of and have come up aginst a brick wall. Any help finding my lost Van Ausdeln, generation will be greatly appreciated. By the way did I mention that from Sijmon forward ther are 75 to 125 different spelling varations of Van Arsdalen. My Van Ausdeln spelling is one of the more common spellings.
Olive Tree Answer: Dear Jon,

It sounds as though you have already done a lot of work.But it also sounds as though it is time to do some generalized slogging.

If you have not already done so, the LDS have available several hundred reels of microfilm for Belmont County.

Probate records from 1802, an 1833 census, Friends church records, cemeteries, deed abstracts, deeds 1800 - 1942, marriages abstracted from court records, etc. The early (1810 - 1830) census indicate a couple of Van Ausdeln men in Belmont County, notably William and Lucas. I used the census records on but Footnote,comicon also has many online.

You did not mention when Wesley died. Do you have a copy of his will? Perhaps he mentioned a niece or nephew. The LDS do have probate records for Van Buren County from 1853 and probates from 1841.

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