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Monday, February 15, 2010

Rescuing old photo albums that are not my family heirlooms

Sally asked
I found a photo on your website under the Fowler-Merchant Family Photo Album. It is identified as "#11 F Maloney Hewitt". Can you tell me any more about this person? My great-grandmother was Mary Jane Hewitt and she married Stephen Maloney. The time frame is about right. I have a photo of her as an older woman, and it looks like it could be a younger version of her.

OLIVE TREE ANSWER: Dear Sally, I guess I didn't make it clear on Lost Faces that I know nothing of the individuals in the photo albums I collect other than what is written on the photos. They are not my families, I simply try to rescue these albums and put them online in hopes a descendant will find them.

I research the families to try to establish relationships between identified indviduals, but I have no further details about each person other then what you see online. I hope you can determine if photo #11 is the woman you seek!

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