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Friday, August 13, 2010

Searching Border Crossing Records for an Ancestor

Hazel's question involved Canadian research.
You are my last hope in finding details of my gt uncle george. I have very little to go on:

George murray 1885 Crimond Aberdeenshire Scotland. Parents were George and Isabella Murray. In the 1901 census aged 15 he was an apprentice printer living in Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire Scotland

The only other information I have is that he emigrated to Canada, I think Montreal Quebec. Also my sister thought that he had died in Canada in the late 1950s , had never married, but before she could tell me where she found this information from, she died.

Gt uncle George is the only relative that I am missing in my family tree. CAN YOU HELP PLEASE
ASK OLIVE TREE RESPONSE: Dear Hazel - Your first step should be to look for Uncle George in the online 1911 Canadian Census. You can use Automated Genealogy or A quck look showed two very nice candidates - both immigrated in 1910. One is in Ontario, the other in British Columbia

Next, have you checked the online Border Crossing Records? I had a quick look and am pretty sure I found your Uncle going between USA and Canada. These Border Crossing Records are online on

Don't forget to search the online Ships Passenger Lists to Canada for your Uncle's arrival! Use or check the links to other online Canadian Ships Passenger Lists projects at Filling in the Gaps - Canadian Ships Passenger Lists.

Get details from these records first, and that will help you narrow your search to a specific location in Canada.

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