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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wives Were Considered Special Cases for Naturalization Records

David asked 3 questions about naturalization and citizenship records. He tells me he's never had a definitive answer to any of the three. Here is one of them with my response.

"My grandfather married my grandmother, in Brooklyn, NY on Feb. 1892. She too immigrated, and was from the former German Province of Posen.(today Poland

I have never been able to find any ship manifests listing her, but my main question, is, since my grandfather was naturalized in 1890, did she receive 'automatic' citizenship as a result of his naturalization?"
Olive Tree Answer: Dear David, I'm answering one of your 3 questions today as it is a very quick and easy one to respond to. A visit to Special Cases on my website will provide you with the definitive answer you've been looking for.

Scroll down the page to the brief section titled WIVES.

I will answer your other questions too in a future blog post.

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