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Friday, February 20, 2009

Finding Proof of Parents in 18th Century New Jersey

Jerry asked:
According to a Family File, Sander Egberts and Elsje Pieters had a son named Sander Egberts who was born in 1695 in Staten Island, Richmond, New York. He married Trinite Wallings Van Winckel. Their children were: Walling, John, Peter, Else, and Antie Egberts.

Sander (Senior) and Elsje's other children may have been Trynte Sanders, Egbert Sanders, Johannis Sanders, Peter Sanders, Annetje Sanders and Herpje (Harmtje) Sanders. I need proof that my Peter Sanders was a son of Sander Eberts

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Jerry, I think there is a small error in your Family File. Here is an excerpt from the will of Egbert Sanderson of New Jersey:

SANDERSON, Egbert, of Newark, Essex Co. yeoman. will of. Children - Waalens, John and Peter Egbertson, Elsie (wife of Cornelius Doremus Jr) and Antie Egbertson. Executors - three sons. Witnessees - Reiner Van Giesen, Peter Garmo, Jon'n. Sergeant. Written 16 Feb. 1748/9 Proved 7 Aug. 1749

It seems from the will above, that your Peter was not the son of Sanders Egbertse but the son of Egbert Sanderson [Sanderse]. Following Dutch patronymics, Egbert Sanderson would be the son of a man named Sander.

There is also this will:

EGBERTS, Peter of Essex Co. gentleman. will of. Brothers - John and Waling Egberts. Sisters - Antje and Else Egberts. Executors - John Vinsent [sic] and Abram Brooks. Witnesses - John Degarmo, Cornelius Van Geisen, Peter De Garmo. Written 26 Aug. 1740 Proved 11 Sept. 1749

Source for both wills: Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. II 1730-1750 . William Nelson and A. Van Doren Honeyman.

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