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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Looking for Passenger List of Hopewell 1635

Gail wrote to say
I am a descendant of Edward Ketcham. I have received information on this family tree. He supposedly came to America around 1635 on the ship Hopewell. I can find no passenger listing on any ship coming to America nor can I find his parents in England. Can you help please?

Olive Tree Answer: Hi Gail,

Before 1820 ships passenger lists to America did not have to be kept. So finding a manifest with your ancestor's name on it before that date is not always easy. Passenger lists before 1820 did survive but they are hit and miss.

Sometimes you will only find a substitute, such as a list of people taking an oath or buying land or perhaps a shipping record of some sort.

Sometimes you will never find what you want as it simply doesn't exist any more.

Having said that, there is a CD you can consult called
The Complete Book of Emigrants, 1607-1776

Before you rush to buy the CD, have you checked the online list of passengers on the voyage of The Hopewell of London in the summer of 1635?

Or this first voyage of the Hopewell in April of 1635?

Records of Ships Passenger Lists from England to New England between 1620 and 1640 set of ships passenger lists includes ships to Virginia (a catch-all phrase to mean almost anywhere along the coast),Barbadoes, Bermuda, West Indies and of course New England

This set of records consists of various passenger lists, names of individuals ready to sail to New England, and names of those taking the Oath of Allegiance (in preparation for sailing). It is not always obvious when each ship left. Researchers will have to determine whether or not a ship made more than one sailing each year it is mentioned. The original spelling has been maintained, so you will see "Landen" for "London", etc. Common words found are "uxor" meaning "wife", "mr" for "Master" (of the ship)

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