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Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking for Cornelia Van Alstyne

Bill asked on Sat, Jan 17, 2009

Seeking information concerning Cornelia and her father Cosen Aalstine? Cornelia married Jahn Van Ivern (son of late Jahn) 12 Dec 1766 in Dutch Reformed Church Stone Arabia, New York. Her date of birth (where) her mother, date she died and children.

Hi Bill - Did you know that I am a Van Alstyne descendant too?

Luckily I'm a packrat and can't bear to throw out anything related to genealogy. In my Van Alstyne files is a huge printout (not indexed, over 75 pages) which I obtained in July 1991. It is noted as "Montgomery Co. New York. W. Barker, Shelton CT" so I would guess it is from a digitized book.

In this printout which is quite cumbersome to use as it is the old fan-fed computer paper so is a seemingly never-ending roll of paper which I had to lay out on the floor to read, we find
#4082 Captn. Gose [this should be Goosen] Van Alstyne bpt 8 April 1722 s/o Marten Janse, died 1776, md 5 Aug. 1749 (SRR) Elisabeth Schyler (b ca 1720 d Ft Plain New York 28 July 1808 age 88) d/o Philip Schuyler & Maria. Goosen was Captn of Canajoharie militia in 1762 and built a stone house on Front St which was stockaded as Fort Van Alstyne during the American Revolution (Revolutionary War)

One of his children was
#5023 Cornelia bpt 24 Aug 1750 (SRR) m 1766 John Van Ever[e]n.

Goosen's father Marten Janse Van Alstyne (#3039) is noted as baptised in 1682 (no source given), and dying in Canajoharie 15 Sept 1765 (no source) married in Reformed Dutch Church of Albany on 10 Nov. 1705 to Cornelia Van Den Berg d/o Cornelis van Den Berg & Cornelia Van Der Poel. The transcription for this marriage is online, just follow the link.

It reads
Nov. 10. Reg. Ma. Dec. 5. Marten Jansse Van Aalstede, b. and l. in Col. R., and Cornelia Van den Berg, y.d., b. at A., l. in Col. R.

For a list of the words and abbreviations used in Dutch Church Records and what they mean see Translations of Dutch Words in Church Records of New Netherland

The list of sources from the printout is missing but I am 99.9% sure that SRR is Stone Arabia Church. The only location that I am aware of for these records online is at Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Stone Arabia : in the town of Palatine, Montgomery County, N.Y.

You may want to contact the owner of Gysbert Cornelise Van den Bergh Blog for help with your Van Den Berg[h] family.

So there you have it, you can now search for the church records to verify that this is correct.

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  1. Hi, I too am a Van Alstyne descedent. the info I have on one Cornelia is as follows:
    Marten Janse Van Alstyne II, marr. Cornelia Van Den Bergh in 1682; their son Cornelius Martense Van Alstyne marr. Teuntie Fort in 1729; their son Martin Cornelius Van Alstyne marr. Elizabeth Van Slyck in 1767; they had a daughter Cornelia Elizabeth Van Alstyne in 1787 in Canajoharie, NY. There are many Cornelias, Corneliuses, and Cornelisses in the family tree.